code / collision is a new kind of event for coders.coders go head-to-head in a variety of competitions.All you code is the strategy.
join an event or host your virtually or in person.pit multiple strategies against one another, in a round-robin.

The collision, the dynamics, the competition - it's all taken care of. All you have to do is figure out your strategy.

class myStrategy { execute //Return Power (0-100), and Angle (0 is forward, 90 is up, -90 is down, 180 is backwards) ({ id, //Represents the player on the field (Values: -1, 0, 1) position, // { x, y } field, // { width, height } teamMates, // [ {angle, distance, x, y} ] otherTeam, // [ {angle, distance, x, y} ] ball, // {angle, distance, x, y} ownGoal, //{ topPost{angle, distance, x, y}, bottomPost{angle, distance, x, y} } otherGoal //{ topPost{angle, distance, x, y}, bottomPost{angle, distance, x, y} } }) { return { angle:0, power:100 }; } }

Determine the direction and power for each.Go on the attack. Play defensively. Or go with something in between. If you can code it, you can do it.
To get started, get the code on GitHub

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about code / collision

code / collision was created by alishah novin as a way to expose developers to simple game-development concepts, and to host fun team-building events.

When I was a kid, I wasn't allowed to play video games. That was the rule. I couldn't play them, unless I made them. And that's how I learned to code.

The thing I loved about coding video games is it exposed me to so many challenges you don't typically see with application or web development. Applied physics, trig, collision detection. My favorite was building a computer player to be my opponent.

These days, as many enter development through boot camps, and self-guided course, they leap frog over the amazing world of game development and get right into building applications, missing out on some really interesting opportunities.

But it's hard to create games these days: Our expectations for what games need to be are much higher than when I was getting started. On top of that, the languages we use to code games are not what we'd use for application development. The barrier for entry has gotten higher.

That's why I made code / collision. I wanted to provide a simple way to get people exposed to game development. Instead of getting bogged down in building the engine, with code / collision you just focus on the unique challenge of representing a strategy in code. I like this because it's a lot less about algorithmic efficiency, and so much more about problem solving.

The idea with code / collision is simple: Get a bunch of coders together, pick one of the code collision games, give them an hour, a day, or a week to code their strategies and then pit them all together to see whose will win.

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